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Underwater Photography Series – Macro Photography

Underwater Photography Series – Macro Underwater macro photography can be a very challenging subset of photography, but when captured with success can garner the admiration of friends and fellow photographer alike.  Capturing these tiny critters [more…]

Crew News – Welcome New Crew!

New Crew Alert! The Jack’s Diving Locker team welcomed 2 new crew members at the end of September!  Justice Travers and Sam Plumb are joining us after moving to Kona from San Clemente, California! Sam [more…]

Ironman World Championships 2019

For the last 38 years, Jack’s Diving Locker has set the Ironman World Championships swim course.  This means that the days leading up to the race Diver Two boat, a few crew members, and several [more…]

Travel With JDL – Philippines 2020

  Mark your calendars! Jack’s Diving Locker is headed to the Philippines in September 2020! We have two diving packed weeks planned with Atlantis Resorts.  Join us for one or both weeks! Atlantis Resort at [more…]

Sustainable Products – Good For Your Ocean Soul

We only have one Earth.  We need to take care of it!  As divers, we see first hand the effects of trash and global warming on our oceans.  Here in Kona, Hawaii we are on [more…]

Creature Feature – Harlequin Shrimp

Creature Feature – Harlequin Shrimp Harlequin Shrimp are always a favorite find on any dive in Hawaii.  With their cream bodies and purple-pinkish spots, they surely stand out…if you can find them!  These macro critters, [more…]

History of Jack’s: The Grateful Years

In the late 1980s, Jerry Garcia, lead guitarist, and vocalist of the Grateful Dead came to Jack’s Diving Locker to learn to scuba dive. His first dive with Jeff and Teri had him ‘hooked’ and [more…]

Mexico Shark Trip -A week in Cabo!

If you hadn’t seen our first installment about diving with White Shark, Read about it HERE Part two of Sarah’s Mexico shark trip met in Cabo San Lucas. Known as a spring break party town, [more…]

Mexico shark trip with Jack’s Diving Locker was a success!

Sarah Matye, of Jack’s Diving Locker, led her first group trip on a double-leg vacation to Mexico, for the “sharkiest trip she could put together” – and sharks showed up! Our first leg of the [more…]

Fall Nitrox Class special!- $199

This fall you can get your nitrox (enriched air) certification for only $199.*   Contact us to sign up!   (Most classes you purchase the eLearning directly from PADI — to get this offer- you [more…]

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