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Fall Nitrox Class special!- $199

This fall you can get your nitrox (enriched air) certification for only $199.*   Contact us to sign up!   (Most classes you purchase the eLearning directly from PADI — to get this offer- you [more…]

Big Island – Best Winter Vacation Destination

We’ve always known the Big Island is the best place to visit and now the secret’s out. The Island of Hawai‘i was recognized as the No. 1 destination in the world for “Best Winter Vacations” [more…]

We’re in the Cloud

In 2018 Jack’s Diving Locker expanded to the point our technology infrastructure needed an upgrade.  Therefore, we decided to migrate our aging system over to Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 has given Jack’s an upgrade in [more…]

Diving in Kona not Impacted by Volcano!

We are fielding questions and concerns regarding the recent activity at Kilauea Volcano located on the southeast corner of Hawaii Island.  There is lots of sensational media coverage of the event. Most residents and visitors [more…]

Dive Travel Debrief

Jack’s Instructor, Neal Hoogenboom just returned from a dive trip to Saba in the Dutch Antilles.  Here’s what he thought about the trip.   “The Island of Saba in the Dutch Antilles was a spectacular [more…]

According to Sarah, sharks aren’t scary.

Jack’s Diving Locker is planning a sharky trip this October! Jack’s Instructor, Sarah Matye is leading the trip and if you’ve met Sarah, you know she’s a big fan of sharks! “Of all the sharks [more…]

Saba: Did you Know?

Did you know the little island of Saba, in the Caribbean, has impressive seamounts and pinnacles that rise from the depths to within 85 feet of the surface? They are covered in large colorful sponges [more…]

Jack’s Diving Locker Trip to the Maldives

In his own words, Jack’s Instructor Carlos Barrios describes amazing experiences and creature encounters after returning from Jack’s latest exotic dive trip to the Maldives. Join Jack’s Diving Locker on a diving adventure!  Spaces still [more…]

PADI Specialty of 2018

2018 is the year of Peak Performance Buoyancy at Jack’s Diving Locker!  If you ask a Jack’s instructor what separates an average diver from an excellent diver they would say, “It’s buoyancy control”. The PADI [more…]

Off Shore Marine Debris Charter – Jan. 30th

Jack’s is offering the next marine debris clean up cruise Tuesday, January 30th. Partnering with the non-profit organization, Ocean Defenders Alliance – the goal is to offer a clean up charter about once a month.  [more…]

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