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Creature Feature – Frogfish


Looking unlike any other creature on the reef, the frogfish is always an exciting find on a dive.  This blob-like creature can blend in perfectly with the reef as well as mimic colorful coral.  Frogfish use their pectoral fins to hang on to whatever substrate they’re perched on, almost like hands and feet.  Another way frogfish move about the reef is through jet propulsion!  Yes, you read that correctly!  Frogfish can intake large amounts of water through their mouths and then expel that water under pressure through gill openings on the back of their body.  This gives them the ability to seemingly fly through the water.  With the aid of surge and currents, some frogfish can travel almost 20 feet.

frogfish6Frogfish have no real protection from prey themselves other than their ability to camouflage to their surroundings.  They have no poisonous qualities or sharp spines to protect them from predators.

Here in Hawaii, our most common frogfish is the Commerson’s Frogfish.  The Commerson’s is the largest of all frogfish and can come in a variety of colors. As juveniles they are often bright yellow, probably to appear to be a sponge.  These frowny-face creatures are quite territorial and can be spotted in one area for months or years.

If you’d like a chance to spot one of these amazing creatures let your dive guide know the next time you’re on our 2-tank Classic AM trip!  We will do our best to find a frogfish!


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