Incredible Summer Sea Camps, And More To Come In The Fall!


Summer is our favorite time of year at Jack's Diving Locker. We have kids from Hawaii, the mainland, and overseas, and we love to see them come together as a community. It's a great opportunity for them to learn about this amazing place that we live while also overcoming challenges and learning new things about our marine life.

This summer over 9 weeks & 30 camps, we had 360 students, 302 certifications, and 18 instructors, (award for most camps taught was Jessica – 8 camps.)

Jack’s Diving Locker presents the Hawaiian Marine Life Ambassador Award to students who successfully complete the Sea Camp Hawaii series.  

This includes all 6 of our weeklong Sea Camps about Hawaii: 

  • Islands & Coral Reef
  • Dolphins & Whales
  • Octopus & Invertebrates
  • Eels & Reef Fish
  • Sea Turtles
  • Sharks & Rays 


Our new Marine ambassador is…

 We're super excited to announce our new Marine Ambassador award recipient Llio Sauer.

Llio really got into the ocean spirit during her time with us. We got a chance to talk with her and hear about her experience directly from her mouth—and we were blown away by how much she learned!

What does the Marine Life Ambassador Award mean to you?

"A lot! I set a goal to become a Marine Ambassador because I wanted to learn everything that I can about marine life. I have been working on the camps for about two years now, and have learned a lot about the ocean, and it’s animals."

What was the best part of earning the award?

"I feel really accomplished because I completed my goal, and I had a lot of fun at the camps too. My next goal is to be scuba certified!"

How has receiving this award and/or completing 6 Sea Camps influenced your life?

 "I learned a lot and now know a lot! I share the things that I know with my friends." 

What are some of the most meaningful things you learned?

“I learned that coral is an animal and that we need to save it and take care of it. Coral is pretty but it is also very, very important to the ecosystem. It also provides a home and shelter to other marine life. When we went on a Manta snorkel, I saw a cute little female parrot fish sleeping in some coral.”

I was also kind of afraid of Mantas, but I learned that they are very gentle and that they don’t sting. We snorkeled with the Mantas and even though they look like they’re going to eat you they won’t. They are just there to eat the plankton.

I really enjoyed learning about dolphins and octopus too! They are both very intelligent and cute. We snorkeled with dolphins, and I was surprised at how big they were. They sleep with half of their brain! Octopus are great hunters. When I find shells, I can tell if they have been poked by an octopus.


Llio has LOVED every camp that she’s attended at Jack’s. She has so much to share when she comes home. The camps have sparked and fed her curiosity. You provide such a wonderful program for kids. Thank you!"

Nikki (Llio's mom)


Get your kids involved this Fall!

We have our fall break camps coming October 3rd through 7th—including our Sea Camp, with the theme Octopus & Invertebrates, which is perfect for kids ages 8-12-year-olds, and our keiki fall break camp is for 6 & 7-year-olds.

It is sure to be a blast. If your child loves animals or just loves having fun in the water, this camp is for them!

Space is limited so give us a call for more information or to book today!

Call 808.329.7585 or email