Dive Deeper Into This Month’s Eco-friendly Apparel & New Dive Gear At Jack’s Diving Locker Shops.


In striving to be a more sustainable, conservation minded organization we are focused on bringing in more eco-friendly retail products that protect our environment while partnering with and supporting sustainable organizations.  One of those products is Stream2Sea reef safe sunscreen and defog!


STREAM2SEA – Sunscreen and Defog

We are proud to be offering Stream2Sea, a 100% Reef Safe Mineral based sunscreen and defog, tested and proven reef safe for our oceans! It’s been shown to be safe for both fresh and saltwater fish and coral larvae!

The sunscreen is fragrance-free, non-toxic, and broad spectrum with NO: Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, Octinoxate, or Octocrylene (all known to harm coral), and has no parabens and is water resistant.  You can purchase online or in our shops.



SpaceFish Army – New eco-friendly shorts

Speaking of sustainable products,  were excited to offer SpaceFish Army’s new eco-friendly shorts with side pockets for both Women and Men! They are high quality scuba diving clothing for both water and land-based use, just like their eco-friendly leggings and are made of recycled polyester from water bottles and other single use plastics! Both these shorts and leggings that you may have seen previously are rated SPF 50 for sun protection, have handy side-pockets and come in super fun and vibrant colors in eye-catching designs like: mermaid, coral, octopus prints and more!  You can order online or come in and try them on! Really fun, practical apparel for your on-the-go lifestyle!



Cappelli - Beach Cover-Ups, Scarf and Sarong-all in one

If you’re looking for a beautiful, light-weight cotton, ocean inspired beach cover-up, check these out! Clothes ( These Cappelli cover-ups for beach/pool or wherever, can be worn three ways, as a scarf, a sarong or shawl like cover-up!  Their multi-purpose design are perfect for a stroll out shopping, dining or on the beach to protect you from the sun and come in many tropical fun prints!




Scubapro Seawing Super Nova Fins (IN STORE ONLY)

We’re very excited to offer this new Award-winning Scubapro fin for all types of ocean adventurers (snorkelers, divers, and open ocean swimmers), the Seawing Super Nova! 

These are a modified version of the original Sea Wing Nova fin with an evolutionary 2-piece design where the foot pocket is detachable from the blade making it customizable for different types of uses!  You can change them from open heel fins to full foot fins (when purchasing the full-foot pocket) with ease! The new innovative blade is shorter for better maneuverability and power transfer when kicking. This fin improves efficiency in both standard and frog kicks and makes them exceptionally first-rate equipment for confined and open water swimming!  They provide easier kicking with maximum power, are smaller for travelling and come with a nice drawstring bag! 

Come see us at are Town or Harbor shop to see these and more of our wide-ranging selections of dive and ocean apparel!