Jdl Adopts A Dive Site



Congratulations! It’s a beautiful Dive Site!!

Jack’s Diving Locker has adopted the dive site, Garden Eel Cove, as part of Project AWARE Dive Against Debris initiative!

A little backstory on our little bundle of joy:

19.735642360660000 N 156.053748985610000 W

Garden Eel Cove, located just north of Keahole point in Makako bay, was infamously named for the resident garden eels living in the sand at depths of 50-60ft. A whopping 100 yards in length, our kiddo provides refuge most notoriously for Manta Rays but also Bottlenose Dolphins, Spinner Dolphins, and Hawaiian Monk Seals! Gyres funnel nutrient-rich waters into Makako bay creating an ideal environment for hungry Manta Rays. The unique reef plateaus and rubble zones in Garden Eel Cove allow for increased diversity that thousands of people admire every year. As one of our crews’ favorite dive sites as well as the location of our famous Manta Ray Night Dive, we trust it will find a happy home under our stewardship!

diveagainstdebrisThe Adopt a Dive Site program is tailored to dedicated divers who commit their time towards monthly Dive Against Debris surveys. As proud parents, Jack’s will be responsible for reporting the different types and amounts of marine debris found underwater at Garden Eel Cove. Ongoing monitoring of this site will allow us to quickly remove any new debris to maintain the pristine beauty of this site that is close to our hearts.

JDL crew are committed to protecting our beloved dive sites and animals from harmful marine debris and we are proud to have all of you, our Diving Ohana, alongside us in our ocean stewardship endeavors. If you would like to know more about becoming a Project AWARE Dive Against Debris Specialty Diver or join us in preserving some of Hawaii’s greatest treasures visit our MyOcean Page.

Remember, we can each make a difference by making every dive a Dive Against Debris dive! Get signed up today for one of our dive trips and help do your part for our home and community underwater.

Hope to see you out there!