Rogue Diving


Kate, a new diver, struggled with her buoyancy control.  She did not own her gear so every time she went diving she used rental gear that was unfamiliar or just not the perfect fit. Every dive she had anxiety about her buoyancy in the new equipment until one day she went diving with Jack’s and her guide, noticing her struggle, informed her that there was a simple solution to her buoyancy woes: she should get a back-inflate BCD. Because of that, Kate came into Jack’s Diving Locker to learn about back inflate BCDs.

Rogue Scuba BC bladderThe professional staff spent extensive time fitting her and found the Aqualung Rogue BCD was the answer to all Kate’s pleas. The most travel-friendly BCD, fully customizable with a multitude of colors and designs to choose from, the Rogue was constructed on-site and perfectly tailored to Kate’s unique physique and because of that, it fit like a glove. Kate then jumped in Jack’s pool to test the gear with a pro and was amazed at the difference in her buoyancy skills. Finally, Kate would be spending her time underwater enjoying her dive with no more anxiety about buoyancy or unfamiliar rental equipment, diving happily ever after.

Invest In Yourself

Investing in your own gear is just that – an investment. Much like buying a car, test diving gear is an important part of learning what works for you and what doesn’t. Coming into Jack’s Diving Locker to invest in equipment will greatly enhance your scuba diving experiences by making sure you find the perfect fit and function and train with your new gear for FREE in our pool before hitting the open seas.

Become the best diver you can be and have the best diving you can have by visiting us at Jack’s! We also now offer a FREE 2-TANK Classic Boat Trip ($155 value!) if you invest in a full* set of equipment! (*Full set includes, BCD, Regulator, Computer, Exposure Suit and Gear Bag). On top of all that good stuff, we are the best full-service repair shop in the Hawaiian Islands so you can keep your gear in pristine working condition.