Top 11 Accessories You Must Have For An Epic Shore Dive

Top 11 Accessories You Must Have For An Epic Shore Dive

 Today is a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the wind is calm, and the swell is down. What better way to make use of your day than immersing yourself in one of Hawaii’s many fantastic shore diving locations?

We are blessed to have so many wonderful dive sites accessible from shore here in Hawaii, and shore diving has been made even more popular as a recreational activity since Covid-19 has shut down boat operations for the time being.

Are You Really Ready For Your Shore Dive?

You are eager to get in the water. You have your tanks, weights, and scuba kit ready to go. But what else do you need? We at Jack’s have compiled a list of accessories we think every shore diver should bring to have a safe and enjoyable time under the sea.

 Which Shore Diving Accessories Do You Have?

1. Boots and Open Heel Fins: Lava rock and coral rubble makes up the majority of Hawaii’s coastline. To protect your feet from cuts and infections when entering from shore, we recommend investing in some neoprene boots and open heel fins.

 2. Save-a-dive Kit: What happens when the o-ring on your tank splits? Or your mask or fin strap breaks? Having a small emergency kit of o-rings, spare straps, cable ties, and similar items will save you the headache of having to postpone or cancel your dive if anything were to happen.

3. Dive Flag & Float: Aside from being required by law when shore diving in Hawaii, having a dive flag and float on the surface while you’re submerged will let boats and other people know that divers are under the water and to keep a safe distance to prevent any accidents. Depending on what type of float you decide to get, you can also use it to store extra weights, mask defog, etc.

4. Snorkel: Aside from being an important safety tool, sometimes you will have to do a bit of surface swimming to get to the dive site and back. Save your air at the surface by utilizing a snorkel. They even make collapsible snorkels to put in your BCD pocket for when you do not need it!

5. Mask Defog: What good is diving if you cannot see anything! Keep your mask clear by packing in a bottle of defog.

6. Fin Holder clip: You have enough to worry about getting in the water…your fins should not be one of them. Secure your fins to your BCD for a hands-free walk to the water.

7. Compass: Knowing how to navigate underwater is essential, especially when diving a new site or in less than ideal visibility. If you want to learn or refresh your navigation skills, ask us about our underwater navigation specialty course!

8. SMB: A must have in any diver’s arsenal, a surface marker buoy (SMB) is a great tool to use in case you get separated from your buddy or need some extra flotation at the surface.

9. Audible/Visual Signaling Device: Another necessity in a diver’s toolkit. Having the ability to alert others to your presence comes in handy if you accidentally become separated from your buddy or group.

10. Fish ID Books/Slates: What the heck was that thing you saw?? Having a fish ID chart handy either during or after the dive will help you quickly identify the myriad underwater critters Hawaii is known for.

11. Reef Safe Sunscreen: Save your skin from the intense Hawaiian sun while also protecting our fragile underwater ecosystem


Shore Diving Accessories Recommended By The Professionals at Jack’s Diving Locker

  1. One of our many JDL shore diving maps
  2. Nautilus Lifeline Rescue GPS
  3. Lockbox for your keys
  4. Portable shower or extra tub of fresh rinse water
  5. Headbands and hair ties
  6. Extra clips to connect accessories to your BCD
  7. Extra bags, like our Aloha Collection brand bags, for storing spare clothes or stashing your wet gear post dive
  8. Floor mats for wet gear to protect your car
  9. A hose to connect to water spigots at boat ramps to rinse your gear


Be sure to stop on in to find our latest deals on shore diving equipment or ask our knowledgeable staff for their recommendations on shore diving spots. Do not forget you can purchase all of these awesome accessories at Jack’s Diving Locker Online Store.

 Now get out there and dive! Happy bubbles.

- Ross B