New Wiki Wiki 1-tank Dive Trips

Jack's Diving Locker unveils WIKI WIKI Dive Trips!  “The best 3 hours of your day”.

Even before COVID reared it’s ugly head, we at JDL were preparing to roll out a new option in our lineup:  the “WIKI WIKI Dives”!  As we begin to re-open and once again “Boldly Go”, we’re excited to offer these quick and easy trips along with all of our other types of trips you’ve come to know and love.  It won’t replace the relaxed slow-paced 2-tank trips we’ve become famous for, but it offers our guests another option that some will appreciate.


These 1-stop dive and snorkel trips get you out to one of Kona’s great sites*, and then get you back to shore so you can “get on with your life”.  Whether you need time for business or pleasure, now you can get a dive in without it taking a large bite out of your day.

In Hawaiian, Wikiwiki means “fast” or “quick”.  It doesn’t mean that we’re rushing, but it’s an alternative to our typical 2-tank dive, with our practically unlimited bottom times and long lazy surface intervals.


  1.    Divers with non-diving spouses or kids that don’t want to be “left behind” all day.
  2.    Divers who are prone to sea-sickness.
  3.    Divers who want to get in that round of golf, hiking, shopping, or other leisure activity during their limited vacation time.
  4.     Divers who have work to do before or after their dive.
  5.     Divers who get tired, or for whom “one dive is just enough”.
  6.     Divers who want the flexibility to decide if they’re feeling up to more than one dive.
  7.    Divers who want to sleep in or not have to rush in the morning.
  8.     Divers who are doing their best to “social distance”.

You can book two or more dives in a day, with a relaxing surface interval back on solid ground in between.  Or, you can do a dive, and “see how you feel”.  Then, you can go back out for a second dive if you want (space available).

Ultra Convenience:

Most of our Wiki Wiki Dives meet at our Honokohau Harbor shop location, with plenty of free parking.  Check-in and rental gear are just steps from the boat.  Grab your favorite snack from our convenience store, or wait till you get back and enjoy something from the deli at our shaded  tables overlooking the harbor, while you log your dives and chat with the crew.  There’s even a real restroom (although you can still enjoy “target practice” on the boat if you prefer).

*Sites:  As always, we listen to our guests’ requests and weather conditions when choosing the dive site.  If you are a local diver who does shore dives, we won’t take you somewhere you can easily do from shore (unless you request it).  That said, the range of the Wiki Wiki sites will likely not be as large as on our 2-tank dives.  But with dozens of great sites within minutes of the harbor, we have a great variety to choose from.

Save time…  Save energy…  Save money…  go WIKIWIKI!

-Jeff L