Happy Holidays As Hawaii Reopens

Traveling to Hawaii is a little different these days but the process is pretty simple! Several of our staff went through the process and gathered first hand information to share with you so you know exactly what to do. A couple of them even traveled with a crazy toddler and said overwall it wasn't too bad :) Here's the 411 and helpful tips...

First and most important: Any person over age 12 will need to book an appointment at a Hawaii State approved clinic to receive a Covid19 test. We cannot stress enough to make this appointment as soon as possible as their appointments fill up fast. You must get your test within 3 days of travel and must receive your results before your date of travel. The testing itself is super easy, it is just booking the appointment that can be a little more cumbersome. If you plan your trip for more than two weeks out, you will have plenty of opportunity to make sure you are able to book your testing appointment 3 days before your departure and vioala, life is good. 

Once you have your travel plans and flight information, you will need to create a User Account for the Hawaii Safe Travel program to input all of your information, fill out your health questionare and upload your negative Covid19 test results. Testing clinics have done a great job at emailing results with an easy downloadable option that can be saved directly into your Hawaii Safe Traveler User Account. Please note each person over the age of 12. It is a bit tedious but overall easy. Once you have completed all pre-travel requirements you will be emailed at scanable QR Code via email. Save this email/QR code as you will need to present it as soon as you disembark the plane. This is your pass into freedom!

Once you have your QR code scanned, you will potentially be selected to do a second rapid test onsite at the airport. Sometimes they screen all passengers, other times they select passengers at random. Either way, be prepared to spend an hour or two getting a second Covid19 test. 

Home Sweet Hawaii. Once you have arrived and cleared the screening process, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful isalnd knowing you are healthy and safe. 

We hope to see you soon!

You can access all travel related information for Hawaii by visiting the HawaiiCovid19 site.