New Marine Life Ambassador Award Recipients

Sea Camp Hawaii is a 6 camp series kids program developed and operated by Jack’s Diving Locker.  Children ages 8-12 spend 5 days each camp with PADI Instructors developing and honing their snorkelling skills, participating in beach cleanups, and learning about whatever ocean animal(s) match with the theme of the weekly camp.  Over the years, hundreds of local and visiting kids have joined JDL in these fun and exciting camps. 

A select few, however, have had the joy of completing all 6 of the Sea Camp Hawaii camps!  When this accomplishment is met, they join the elite ranks of becoming a Jack’s Diving Locker Hawaiian Marine Life Ambassador!  Once achieved, the camper gets their name on our Ambassador plaque that hangs in our town shop. 

Jackson Streiter camp photoOne of the first first campers to receive our Marine Life Ambassador award was Jackson Streiter (left, in blue suit) in 2009 as an 11-year-old!  The now 22-year-old has fond memories of JDL camps. Her best memories involve fish identification with then JDL instructor Wendy Laros.  “Circled around the long lunch tables in the classroom, 15 kids would be shouting their very best guesses at the type of fish Wendy would show on her oversized flash cards. Schooling us on the different species, habits, and origins of the fish, we would stare at her in awe,” Jackson recalls. She then remembers taking her new-found fish knowledge to Kahalu’u where they would go snorkeling. “Jack's will always hold a special place in my heart, and I am forever grateful for the unique experiences that built my strong affinity for the ocean!”

Marine Life Ambassador plaqueFrom 2009 to 2015 we had 11 campers earn the Marine Life Ambassador award.  This past summer we had 2 more campers reach this accomplishment after a 5-year gap in awards.  Caleb Blake and Momi Cho were regular fixtures around Jack’s Diving Locker this Summer and Fall!  In fact, both kids completed all 6 of the Sea Life Hawaii camps in 2020 thanks to CARES Act funding, which allowed JDL to run kids camps from September through December.  Both Caleb and Momi now have their names engraved on the Ambassador plaque!

If you're interested in sending your child to one of Jack's Diving Locker's Sea Camp Hawaii camp weeks, give us a call or check out our website.  We have Spring Break camps and a full array of Summer 2021 camps.