20,000 Certifications In 40 Years At Jack's.

Jack's Diving Locker has now issued more than 20,000+ PADI certifications!  The lucky student diver completed a nitrox certification with our beloved Instructor Keller Lagos. We just recently celebrated our 40th anniversary, so this is another big milestone.

Ana Verzone, the host of the Rebel Buddhist podcast, found out about Jack's from friends in Japan who send their SCUBA gear from Japan to us in Kona for maintenance.

"I chose We because I heard it was the best dive shop in town. I don’t waste time trying to cut corners. I wanted excellent instructors with excellent qualifications and a superb service shop. We met all of those qualities” -Ana

Even though JDL is a busy dive operation, the student-to-instructor ratios are kept low to ensure that individual students receive the attention that they need.  Most certifications issued by experienced instructors are Open Water

However, last year alone, We certified hundreds of students in various continuing education programs as well as JDLS 8 PADI distinctive specialties.  These specialties can only be completed at Jack’s.  Along with the Pelagic Magic Specialty, the Manta Ray distinctive specialty is a popular certification for visiting scuba divers, and the 6 kid’s camp specialties are popular during our spring, summer, and fall break kids camp programs.

Beginner divers are not the only ones receiving certifications at JDL. We have also have certified:

  • 2,455 kids certs:
    • 212 kids’ distinctive specialties
    • 500 Seal and Master Seal1,
    • 743- Juniors – all levels of diving certs
  • 812 Manta distinctive specialty
  • 73 Pelagic specialties (This is a Jacks Diving Locker PADI distinctive specialty created 2 years ago)

And we can not forget the over 15,000+ we have introduced to the underwater world for their first time with our Discover Scuba Diving programs.

Jack's is blessed to be one of the favorite Dive shops in Hawaii for international, mainland, and local divers alike for decades. Also a hundred+ member strong local dive club.

Jack's is deeply committed to our community and the conservation of Hawaii’s waters.