The Classic Dive

Our Original 2-Tank Day Trip

Slip Into the Crystal Clear Waters and Scuba Dive Kona, Hawaii

When you scuba dive in Kona, you soar through schools of tropical fish, swim through lava rock arches, or visit green sea turtles resting on the reef.  We often see dolphins ride the bow wake on the way to the dive site or humpback whales hanging out on the surface during the winter season.

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Classic Dive Trip Details

  • Certified Divers:  $155

  • Intro Divers: $275 (click for more info)

    • Includes pool session (on prior day), 2 guided dives, all gear, sandwich/juice/water

  • Riders:  $75

  • Snorkelers:  $125 (min of 2)

    • Includes mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, sandwich/juice/water

  • Open water referral, Advanced, and Specialty student prices vary depending on course.


  • Days:  7 days a week

  • Meeting time:  8:30am (call after 6am on trip date for meeting location)

  • Return time:  2:00-2:30pm

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  • Flying or Driving to Altitude After Diving:  For multiple dives per day or multiple days of diving, a minimum surface interval of 18 hours is suggested before flying or driving to altitude. For a single dive, a minimum of 12 hours is suggested.

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