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Frog Fish Fever

bigger yellow frog fish

Jack’s crew have been finding frogfish up and down the Kona Coast at many of the their favorite dive sites. One of the most avid frogfish finders is Jack’s Instructor, Jeff Sharp. Over the last couple of months, Sharp has been able to spot and capture images of these amazing creatures! The frogfish is the ultimate sedentary predator. Not even looking like a fish, it can be described as, “if a 3 year old mushed up some Playdough and threw it against the wall.”

frogfishThey camouflage themselves against their environment, blending perfectly into sponges, coral heads, or walls they are perched on.  Pectoral fins grasp onto the substrate like hands and feet and are used to secure their position or to move themselves along their environment. According to John P. Hoover in his book, The Ultimate Guide to Hawaiian Reef Fishes, Sea Turtles, Dolphins, Whales, and Seals, There are about 44 species of frogfish world wide and 11 of them may be found in the waters of Hawaii. The most common frogfish spotted around Kona is the Commerson’s Frogfish.

Interestingly, if they are disturbed, they become jet propelled through the water.  They gulp water through their large mouths and eject it out of small holes under their pectoral fins. Join the Jack’s Diving Locker Crew on their hunt to find these interesting fish!

reticulated frog fish   yellow frog fishred frog fish

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