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Get Into Your Sanctuary!


Jack’s Diving Locker is excited to participate in NOAA’s Get Into Your Sanctuary events!

August 12th is “Get Into Your Sanctuary Day”  — we will be diving in our local sanctuary & hosting some events at the shop.   More details on that to come shortly!  Today — we want to let you know about the Get Into Your Sanctuary Photo Contest which is going now!

See the picture below for the boundaries — from Upolu Point (the northermost point of Hawaii Island) to Keahole Point (the westernmost point of Hawaii Island).

boundary6_humpback sanctuary

Check out the details and Get Into OUR Sanctuary — Hawaiian Island Humpback Whale Sanctuary.   The photo contest goes until August 31st in the following categories:

Sanctuary Views: Share your photos of beautiful sunsets or scenic shots of your favorite national marine sanctuary.

Sanctuary Life: Send us your best photos of sanctuary inhabitants like fish, birds, marine mammals, and other amazing ocean creatures.

Sanctuary Portraits: Enter your best images of people enjoying national marine sanctuaries, whether they’re boating, kayaking, diving, swimming, conducting research, or just hanging out on the beach.

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