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Mexico Shark Trip -A week in Cabo!


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Part two of Sarah’s Mexico shark trip met in Cabo San Lucas. Known as a spring break party town, it is surprisingly less known for its incredible diving and the variety of life seen on the Baja California coast. Boy, were we in for a treat! Two days of diving in Cabo Pulmo, one day Whale shark snorkeling in La Paz, and three more days of diving off Cabo San Lucas, including the Gordo Banks sea mount.


Where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez, Cabo San Lucas.

Meet and greet margaritas for our fellow travelers started up in the Skypool lounge of our Tesoro Hotel. Tesoro Hotel overlooked the harbor on one side and the main downtown strip on the other. Our dive shop was located downstairs of the hotel, so travel to and from would be a breeze. We were all rested and ready to start diving the next morning!

Day 1 was scheduled to dive the Corridor, a great location for our “checkout” dives with our partnering dive shop Dive Cabo. Corridor critters included angelfish, lobsters and some cryptic scorpionfish to start our dives. We spotted some familiar faces amongst all the new fish friends, like Longnose Butterflyfish, and Moorish Idols. Day 2 at Cabo Pulmo was a long scheduled day. Once we got to Cabo Pulmo, we loaded the boat and entered the marine reserve.

Cabo Pulmo has very strict regulations for their Marine Preserve, and because of great management and enforcement, the reefs and fish populations are thriving. Both dive groups were able to witness the beautiful Bigeye Jack schools that Cabo Pulmo is famous for. After diving, we all enjoyed some cerveza, and the best fish or shrimp tacos we had in a long time. Day 3 was scheduled for Gordo Banks – a sea mount 10 miles offshore of Los Cabos. Gordo Banks is known for offshore pelagic critters, most notably Hammerhead Shark schools. It was a picture perfect, flat day at Gordo Banks. We descended quickly, and immediately found ourselves in a school of 80+ Scalloped Hammerheads! A bucket-list item for Steve and Dalia! After the 110ft dive, we drifted over the other Gordo Banks seamount followed by blue-water drifting. Venus Girdles, Ctenophores and a couple hydrozoans were seen; Sarah felt at-home with her Pelagic Magic friends.


My favorite capture from Cabo, by Jeff Milisen. For images, contact Jeff at www.iphotograph.fish.

Day 4 could quite possibly have been everyone’s favorite day, diving the near-shore sites of Cabo San Lucas. A humongous Bait ball, school of Mobula rays, Sea Lions and a shipwreck, all on the same dive! Neng had a knack for finding Scorpionfish, but she was most excited for Sea Lions. When one came down to her and sat in the sand, I could hear her squealing with joy as she was within hand’s reach. Divers enjoyed themselves so much, we signed up for third and fourth dives that day!

Day 5 couldn’t have possibly been more fantastic than the previous day, but I think everyone thought it was very close! La Paz Whale Shark snorkeling exceeded all expectations. Within a 5 minute boat ride, our guide had spotted three Whale Sharks. Like Cabo Pulmo, La Paz is also a highly regulated industry. We needed wrist-bands and life jackets on at all times. Enforcement was out patrolling and all boats obeyed the rules. Snorkelers maintained proper distance and everyone worked together.


PC: Jeff Milisen

What surprised us all most was that the Whale Sharks were feeding in a bay that was perhaps 6-10ft deep! The Whale Sharks were so long, they couldn’t get vertical to “hoover” the surface plankton, so they wound up dragging their tail in the sand behind them! An epic sight to see – we all swam with gigantic sharks!

Day 6 closed out our diving trip for Cabo – another trip to Cabo Pulmo Marine Preserve, or another day at the local diving spots around Cabo San Lucas. Cabo Pulmo divers enjoyed ten Bull Sharks on their first dive! Bucket list sharks for Jeff, Adrian and Neng! Cabo San Lucas divers drifted through 3 of the 4 dives sights in the Marine Park, with turtles, scorpionfish and many species of Pufferfish as their dive highlights!

We all celebrated our last night with a delicious dinner at Mi Casa, topped with silly balloon hats. New imagefriendships and travel plans became topic on conversation, as well as anniversaries and birthdays celebrated on this epic trip to Mexico! Our shark list varied, diver to diver, but all-in-all, we encountered one huge bucket list of sharks! From our tiny little cartilaginous friends to top apex predators, we saw: Leopard Sharks snorkeling La Jolla Cove, Great White Sharks of Guadalupe Island, Hammerhead Sharks in Gordo Banks, Whale Sharks of La Paz, and Bull Sharks in Cabo Pulmo. All part of an incredibly sharky trip to Mexico with Jack’s Diving Locker!

Sarah would like to thank all the friends (and new friends!) that have joined her on one or both of these trips to Guadalupe and Cabo! Look for future Jack’s Diving Locker trips – coming soon!

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