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PADI Course Highlight – Advanced Open Water



You’ve taken the plunge, you’ve got PADI Open Water certified.  Congratulations! Now what?  Your Open Water certification card is your license to KEEP LEARNING how to dive.  You’ve learned the physics of diving.  You’ve learned the basics about your gear.  You’ve learned how to kick underwater and monitor your air pressure. 

But there is so much more to learn to make you the best diver you can be so you don’t harm the environment, can become a more efficient diver so your air isn’t depleted as quickly, and learn more about the critters and coral you’re seeing underwater! The best way to do that is to go diving!  Even better, enroll in a PADI Advanced Open Water course.  At Jack’s Diving Locker our AOW course is a 3-day class that includes 2 trips on our 2-tank AM Classic and a 2-tank PM/Manta trip!  Yes, you get the opportunity to see the manta’s while taking this course!  During our day-time dives, you will learn more about navigation, deep dives, becoming an underwater naturalist, and how to work on your perfect buoyancy.  On the manta dive you will learn about best practices for night diving.

Set Out On Your Own With Confidence

No one likes feeling lost, especially underwater!  During the navigation dive of your AOW course, you will further your compass and natural navigation skills with your instructor in tow so that you can feel confident during your next dive without a leading Divemaster.  There are many dive opportunities that certified divers shy away from because they do not have a guide. Don’t miss out on a dive because you are apprehensive about leading a shore dive or going to a part of the world where the boat dives are not guided.  This dive will hone your skills and give you the confidence you need!

Fish, Vertebrates, and More Oh My!

There are some pretty cool things under the water beyond the traditional 60 feet you’ve been to during your Open Water class.  Here in Hawaii, we have some fish, such as the Tinker’s Butterflyfish, that like the deeper waters. There are, however, some special considerations to know when diving beyond 60 feet.  The dive during your PADI AOW course will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to safely descend deeper into the water.

Vertebrates!  Invertebrates! Hard Coral! Soft Coral!  There are so many interesting things in the ocean and knowing what you’re looking at can enhance your diving experience and make your dives more fun.  Plus, it is a good way to impress your non-diving friends when looking at photos!  The naturalist dive will get you started on learning the types of fish and coral you’re seeing on your dives.  You will also learn some behavior patterns of fish to help you locate your favorite critter on your next dive!

Balance, Buoyancy, Control

Buoyancy is a topic it seems every diver talks about.  We aim to achieve perfect buoyancy for many reasons.  The first, and most important, is to have better control of our bodies while diving.  The underwater world can be a delicate ecosystem. If you crash into coral and break or damage it, it could take decades to repair itself, if it can repair itself at all.  That damaged coral was a home for some underwater critter that now has to go find a new home. This dive will help you properly weight yourself so you can have better control of your body and fins while diving.  A second reason to have great buoyancy underwater is to be more efficient with your movements and therefore control your breathing to make your tank last longer underwater.  No one likes being the first to have to go back to the boat and the potential to miss seeing something neat!  There are many other benefits to having great buoyancy that you’ll learn during your PADI Advanced Open Water course.

A Night With The Mantas

The ocean changes at night.  Different critters come out under the cover of darkness to hunt, while others hide for protection.  For many experienced divers, night dives are often their favorite.  To a relatively new diver, night dives can seem scary in the darkness of the open ocean.  The night dive of your AOW course will teach you some key skills to give you the confidence to dive at night.  If you take your AOW course here in Kona at Jack’s Diving Locker the night dive of your class is done during our world-famous Manta Ray night dive!  What could be better than that?!

We Love Being Here For You!

For many instructors, the Advanced Open Water course is their favorite class to teach.  They get to watch as their students gain confidence underwater and go from being awkward divers to looking like seasoned pros!  If you did your Open Water course with a different dive shop, or even a different certifying agency, you can still do your Advanced Open Water with PADI and Jack’s Diving Locker. There are no extra steps needed.  If you’re thinking about taking the Advanced Open Water class what better time to do it then in the warm and clear Kona waters!  Call our crew today with questions or to sign up!

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