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PADI Specialty of 2018


2018 is the year of Peak Performance Buoyancy at Jack’s Diving Locker!  If you ask a Jack’s instructor what separates an average diver from an excellent diver they would say, “It’s buoyancy control”. The PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Course takes the skills you’ve learned and refines them so that you can dive better and safer.  In this course you will learn about proper weighting and distribution, tank position, trim, and how to conserve air as you move through the water in a horizontal or vertical position. PADI IDC Staff Instructor, Sven Lindemann says, “In this class we focus a lot on proper breathing techniques because the effects of expanding and contracting lung volume have a huge impact on a diver’s buoyancy control.”

PADI Master Diver, Nader Mansourian said about his Peak Performance Buoyancy experience, “I lost 6 pounds in one dive! I have been diving for a few years now. I carry a video camera and buoyancy is a challenge. I try to improve my skills every time I come here. This time I took the the Peak Performance Buoyancy Class. Allison helped me trim 6 pounds weight I was carrying for no good reason (actually she took off 7 pounds but I decided camera needs another 1 pound). On the next day my diving, efficiency and skills improved as a magic pill. I highly recommend taking  this class next time you are here to dive. On every trip to Kona I try to improve my skills or learn new a new one. Buoyancy is the most important skill; not just making your dives more enjoyable and less tiring. It is even more helpful if you’re trying to shoot video especially in lava tubes or during Pelagic Magic dives (I am always upside down in 5000-7000 feet of dark water). I just realized I got certified by JDL in 2008 ( 10 years ago).”

Take advantage of Jack’s PADI Specialty Course of 2018 – PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy and make it your new PADI Specialty. 






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