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Saba: Did you Know?

Diamond Rock

Did you know the little island of Saba, in the Caribbean, has impressive seamounts and pinnacles that rise from the depths to within 85 feet of the surface? They are covered in large colorful sponges and sea fans as well as an abundance of reef fish and critters.  It’s not unusual to see sharks cruising by.  There are mini walls and ledges as well as shallower patch reefs with turtles, angel fish, barracudas, lobsters, stingrays, flounders, flamingo tongues, seahorses, eels, and invertebrates.

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Saba is a municipality of the Netherlands. There are only about 1500-1900 people on the island.  About 400 of them are students at the school of medicine located on the island.  Saba is about 5 square miles and juts straight up out of the ocean.   Saba is east/southeast of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  There are no high rises, no fast food, no casinos, no cruise ships, no crowds, crime is virtually unheard of, no major insect problem, no traffic lights.  You won’t find yourself hassled to buy trinkets or bothered by anyone as you stroll around.  People will wave at you and say hello.

We’ll be diving with Sea Saba. Owners Lynn and John are dedicated to sharing Saba’s impressive underwater world with you.  They have been with Sea Saba since 1992.  They have a professional, fun team of captains and divemasters to show dive sites packed with critters and beauty.  They have two boats, rental gear, and a shop full of shirts, tons of cute bags, and other dive goodies.


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