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Green Sea Turtle Hawaii

Hawaii is the perfect place for the PADI Adventures in Diving program.  Here at Jack’s Diving Locker, we offer this course to Open Water Divers ready to explore special diving interests and gain dive experience.  Students begin this journey by reviewing dive skills followed by marine life identification.  Next, students learn about and practice neutral buoyancy along with doing a night dive on the world famous Manta Ray Night Dive! (conditions permitting).  Upon successful completion of the course, students receive the PADI Adventure Diver certification.  For students who want the full Advanced Open Water Diver certification, only one more day of training is needed with the Deep and Underwater Navigation Dives.

Click on the banner below to begin the PADI Adventures in Diving eLearning program.

– $325 plus tax and materials
– PADI eLearning program $173
– Private – additional $250/day

PADI Adventures in Diving student slate ($14.49- student discount applied)

– Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver certification
– Bring certification card
– Minimum age – 12 yrs. old
– Ages 10-11 with instructor approval and special arrangements (see below)

– Please call Jack’s Diving Locker directly to make your reservation at 1-800-345-4807 or 808-329-7585.
– Register for PADI eLearning program by clicking on the icon below.
– Students also need to fill out the Continuing Education Administrative Document
– Medical Statement – If there is a YES on your Medical Statement, you will need to get a doctor’s approval before starting course.  Call for assistance.
– 24 hour cancellation policy.  48 hour policy during winter break.

– Instruction
– Tanks, Weights, Light for Night Dive
– 4 Boat Dives

– Logbook, RDP (table or electronic) OR dive computer
– BCD, regulator, wetsuit, mask/snorkel/fins (Rental Gear available)

– 10% off most retail merchandise

– We reserve this course with a custom schedule
– Please let us know your availability

DAY 1 (8am – 4pm):
– Preparation: Complete PADI Adventures in Diving eLearning course online.
– Classroom: Academic session
– Boat Dives: Review and Peak Performance Buoyancy
– Classroom: Log dives

DAY 2 (2:15pm – 9:30pm winter, 2:45pm-10pm summer):
– Classroom: Academic session
– Boat Dives: Underwater Naturalist and Night
– Classroom: Log dives.  Certifications issued.


Special Arrangements for Ages 10-11:
– Ages 10-11 with instructor approval and special schedule
– Ages 10-11 must hire a private guide ($250 per day) due to the reduced ratios for this age group.
– No night dive training for ages 10-11
– Substitute for Day 2 below


DAY 2 for Ages 10-11 (8am – 4pm):
– Preparation: eLearning Program Peak Performance Buoyancy and Boat
– Or Preparation w/manual: Read Underwater Naturalist and Boat chapters and fill out Knowledge Reviews.
– Classroom: Academic session
– Boat trip: Dive One-Underwater Naturalist & Dive Two-Boat
– Classroom: Log Dives


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