Scuba Refreshers

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As a certified diver, it’s up to you to refresh your dive skills and keep your diving knowledge up-to-date.  If you haven’t been diving within the last year, we recommend participating in a Scuba Refresher with one of the Jack’s Diving Locker PADI Professionals in our scuba training pool.  For a more thorough academic and skill review, divers can complete the optional PADI ReActivate online*, and then make arrangements for an extended pool session.

After participating in this program, join us on our Two Tank Morning Boat Dive where divers may soar above pristine coral reefs, swim through lava rock arches filled with schools of colorful reef fish, or visit green sea turtles resting on the reef.  Many divers like to refresh their skills prior to participating in the world famous Manta Ray Night Dive as well.  Call us today to start your adventure!



SCUBA REFRESHER COST: $50 plus tax for pool session.

REACTIVATE: $75 plus tax for pool session.  $61.00 for new ReActivate certification card for PADI Divers*.

PREREQUISITES: Certified Diver

MEETING TIMES: 10 a.m. or 1 p.m.  Takes about 2 hours (3 hours for ReActivate).

WE PROVIDE: Instruction with a PADI Professional, tank, weight BCD, regulator, mask, snorkel, fins.

STUDENTS PROVIDE: Bathing suit and towel.  You are welcome to bring personal scuba or snorkeling gear.

REGISTRATION: Call Jack’s Diving Locker at 1(800) 345-4807 or 808-329-7585 to make a reservation.  24 hour cancellation policy.  48 hour cancellation policy during winter holiday season.z

*Students participating in the option ReActivate program will need to fill out the Medical Statement.  If you have a YES to one of the medical questions, you will need to get a doctor’s approval before participating in this program. Please call the shop and speak to an instructor for more details. Below is the form to take to the doctor. 


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