The Galileo HUD Dive Computer is an innovative mask-mounted, hands-free dive computer designed to keep you fully immersed in your dive, so you can experience more freedom on your dive. Featuring a virtual, floating heads-up display that uses precision… - Read More

US$ 1,554.00

Two-gauge compact console includes a compact plastic-case pressure gauge and a compact oil-filled analog depth gauge with linear Bourdon tube design. - Read More

US$ 224.00

This sleek, three-gauge console combines a SCUBAPRO metal pressure gauge, depth gauge and FS-2 compass, creating an easy-to-use, at-a-glance information center. - Read More

US$ 403.00

This traditional standard-sized pressure gauge with a plastic case is mounted in a shock-proof boot. It is offered in a 0° version with a choice of 0-6000psi imperial or 0-400bar metric pressure scales. - Read More

US$ 166.00

Pressure gauge capsule. Offered in a 0° version with a 0-400 bar pressure scale. - Read More

US$ 100.00

A pressure gauge that is compact and reliable makes for easy diving. This economical plastic-case gauge comes complete with a U-Line rubber boot and HP hose. It is available in 0-6000psi imperial or 0-400bar metric versions. - Read More

US$ 134.00

The two most important dive data instruments in an ergonomic and compact console. - Read More

US$ 242.00