Shore Snorkeling

Ninja Snorkler

The Kona Coast of Hawaii has healthy coral reefs, colorful reef fish, and sea turtles at sites that are accessible by shore.  Come by Jack’s Diving Locker to pick up your snorkeling gear and free maps to the best spots on the island.  Our friendly staff will help you find the best equipment that fits your needs while offering you some local knowledge on current conditions and best site selection.  Favorite sites include Kahalu’u and Place of Refuge, but there are many more explore.

GEAR: Jack’s Diving Locker is well-stocked with quality snorkel gear with a range in pricing.  We also have a well-stocked gear locker with plenty of quality rental gear.

SNORKEL LESSONS: Jack’s Diving Locker also offers snorkel lessons for those who want some instruction.

SNORKEL SITES RESOURCE: Check out this book about all the beaches and snorkel sites on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Available at Jack’s Diving Locker.

Dolphin Watch Cruises

MORE ADVENTURE WITH SNORKELING: For those who want to get out and see more, join us on our Dolphin/Whale Watch & Snorkel Cruise or the world famous Manta Ray Night Snorkel.  Many family groups like to go on Private Charters for snorkeling and sightseeing along the Kona coast.

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