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South Point Underwater Cleanup!

In honor of World Ocean’s Day – Jack’s Diving Locker Instructor Sarah Matye is teaming up with Jeff Milisen, a Divemaster at Kona Honu Divers, for an underwater cleanup of South Point on Sunday, June 11th.

South point is located in Naalehu at the southern most tip of the Big Island. Known for its intimidating jump-off platforms, and spectacular big-game fishing off the drop-off, it is not only a favorite for the tourists to visit, but also a local’s hangout spot. South point is a windy place (you’ll notice the wind turbines when you drive out there) and because of this wind – there is a lot of trash down under water. Jeff and Sarah dove there for her first time in May, and both came up with a sobering reality. He states, “The life and topography are gorgeous. A rare place to visit with some very special animals, but these animals have a LOT of trash and fishing line to deal with.” They saw at least 3 kites underwater, clothes, piles of cans and beer bottles, and tangles upon tangles of fishing line.  They both became inspired to offer a community-wide cleanup, and reached out to Kona Honu Divers and Jack’s Diving Locker for the use of trucks and dive tanks. Jeff and Sarah will be loading up their respective trucks full of tanks, and heading out to meet at South Point by 9am! Sarah is hoping divers and shore support will haul back lots of line, lead and debris that needs to be pulled out of the ocean. Sarah thinks “it will take more than a few dives to clean up this dive site – but anything we can do will most certainly help. And the more topside and underwater support the better!”
(Current information here!)


Stay tuned for an update on the cleanup, and get out there and go diving!

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