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Carlos Barrios


PADI Instructor
Certified Manta Naturalist

Carlos was born in Southern Germany; his mother is German and his father was Cuban, so please speak German to him so he can keep his German skills up. Carlos got certified because he needed to escape the crazy stress on land working in the Los Angeles area.  He discovered that being under water was the best way to relieve stress. He became a PADI SCUBA Instructor in Southern California immediately after retiring from his previous career and developed a love for two things: teaching kids to explore the underwater world, and joining the struggle for keeping our underwater world healthy. Seeing the reaction of someone breathing underwater for the first time really excites Carlos, so he wanted to assist anyone who has a curiosity of our marine environment and creatures; either snorkeling or on SCUBA.
As he dove more and more, sometimes daily for weeks on end, he noticed that the oceans weren’t as healthy as before and wanted to do something about the problems. Carlos became a Scientific Diver in 2010, working for the Long Beach Aquarium and the Los Angeles Waterkeepers on various underwater projects; including the restoration of the kelp beds off of Palos Verdes.
He and his wife, Kathleen, enjoy travelling the world’s oceans; exploring the beautiful waters of the Society Islands, Cook Islands, Galapagos Islands, Channel Islands, British Virgin Islands, Philippines, Thailand, Greece, Roatan, Bonaire, Cat Island, and Hawai`i. They decided they wanted to live closer to warmer waters and in 2014 made the move to Hawai`i to continue their life journey.
Here in Hawai`i Carlos is continuing his passion with teaching SCUBA to kids and hopes to continue assisting the struggling marine environment in Hawai`i.

Ask Me:
How you can help the fragile marine environment, even if you live inland.

Favorite Dive Site:
Anywhere there’s water.

“We must plant the sea and herd its animals using the sea as farmers instead of hunters. That is what civilization is all about – farming replacing hunting.” –Jacques Yves Cousteau, Oceanographer.


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