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Jeff Leicher


Owner and Managing Partner
USCG Captain

Bio: Jeff started diving in 1961 at age 6 (after threatening to run away from home if his parents didn’t buy him a skin diving suit). He graduated from Stanford in 1976 and headed for Hawaii. He’s been blowing bubbles ever since and has logged over 11,050 dives. Jeff’s matchless patience and easygoing nature make him a perfect Instructor for Intros and others who want to surrender to the spell of our tranquil liquid paradise. Jeff will also capture your most treasured moments on video, edit and set it to enchanting music so that you can relive your diving experience again and again.

Ask me about

  • Weekly World News
  • Digital Video Editing
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Ironman Swim Course
  • Air Rings
  • Installing Mooring Buoys
  • Classic Rock’n’Roll Music
  • Kava
  • Little Big Man
  • The 3 Stooges

Favorite Dive Site
Haven’t been there yet

Putting people at ease and creating awesome videos
Manta Ray Diver Specialty


Sometimes the magic works. Sometimes it doesn’t.
– Old Chief Lodgekins, Little Big Man

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