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Tangled Dolphin Asks Keller For Help

Viral Unedited Video of Keller Rescuing Dolphin

Check out Keller’s interview and footage of his dolphin rescue aired on KITV Hawaiian Local News.

Excerpt from Keller’s Manta Report Friday, January 11, 2013!

“Eleven Mantas & One Bottlenose Dolphin @ Garden Eel Cove. No mantas on the afternoon dive. I was worried after their absence on Thursday. On the night dive we had mantas right away. The plankton was a 3 at the lights. A bottlenose dolphin squeaked really loudly, I turned around and it was right behind me. Surprise!

It slowly swam among the mantas and divers passing very close to everyone. I noticed it had a small fishing hook and line on and wrapped around it’s left pectoral fin.  I said “come here” and signaled it w my finger.  It swam over and I was able to remove the hook and line using the sheers on my knife to cut the line and I unwrapped it. Then the dolphin swam away.  I guess the dolphin knew that divers could help. Gotta love opposable thumb and fingers!”

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