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Underwater Photography Series – Macro Photography


Underwater Photography Series – Macro

Underwater macro photography can be a very challenging subset of photography, but when captured with success can garner the admiration of friends and fellow photographer alike.  Capturing these tiny critters often yields much frustration.  This article in our Underwater Photography series will highlight a few basic tips to help you get that awe-worthy photo!

3 Steps To Ensure A MACRO-MAZING Shot

  1. Get close, then get closer: whether you have a macro mode on your point-and-shoot camera, or are using a macro lens, your focus range is probably closer than you think. For most cameras that range is about 1-2 inches.  Some microscope modes are even less!  This is where your good buoyancy skills are going to be tested!
  2. Practice on land! Get to know your camera and its settings before you get underwater with limited time and air and a subject that moves!  As mentioned in tip #1, there is a sweet spot distance from your subject that your camera and lens will focus at.  Get to know that distance on land.  Set a small object on a table to move the camera in and out from that subject until you find your correct distance.
  3. Adjust your lighting. Make sure your lights are pointing at your subject.  This often means you need to adjust your lights from your previous position to pointing inward at your subject.  Two lights are better than one as it helps eliminate shadows.

Unfortunately, macro critters like to fit in macro spaces like in between coral fingers and in holes. If your camera isn’t fitting, don’t force it!  Sometimes you can wait and the critter will move to a more favorable spot (keep an eye on your dive guide and make sure you stay with your group), but other times you have to take a mental picture and move on.  No shot is worth damaging the coral and underwater world.

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