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Underwater Photography Tips Series – Wide-angle

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Wide-angle photography can be challenging to master. New underwater photographers often find their images to be dark and blue. With wide angle photography, you may also struggle with subjects that are tiny in the frame.  There are a few beginner tips that can greatly improve your photo outcome.

  • Get Close! Especially if you have a wide-angle lens, get as close as you can. In most instances, the subject needs to be within inches of your lens! This will position your subject larger within the frame of your shot. Getting close will also allow your strobes to properly light up your subject and eliminate the dark and blue photo exposures.
  • Shoot Upward! Shooting upward will give you a brighter background and help with your natural composition. Try turning your camera vertical so you shoot in portrait orientation. This gives you more opportunities to fit your subject and any secondary subjects, such as a boat, diver or the sun ball, in your frame.  Having more than one subject will make your photo more interesting and add more dimension.
  • Patience and Practice! Start out with a stationary subject like a coral head.  This will give you a chance to play with your strobe positioning and your camera settings.

Now get out there and start shooting! Ask your photographer friends for feedback and tips and keep working at it! Consider taking the PADI Underwater Photography specialty as it is a great way to improve your skills.

Photo credit: Ross Bronzan

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