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Underwater Proposal at 96ft

On Sunday, June 11, former Jack’s Diving Locker Captain, Bruce Pied, proposed to Advanced Open Water student, Anita Balcar, during her Deep Dive at 96ft.
Jack’s Instructor, Billy Mason set-up the moment. He explained to Anita that he wanted Bruce to participate in the dive and would have him write on his slate a question or math problem to test her cognitive abilities at a deep depth. Billy remembers, “Bruce and I joked that due to the possibility of narcosis, the proposal could go really good (euphoric) or really bad (panic). Luckily, the proposal went as planned and I got the honor of being their underwater best man.”
Bruce is a former Captain/Instructor at JDL. Currently, he is the Director of Operations for Global Exec Aviation. Anita is a marine biologist and teacher at the Scripps Birch Aquarium. In the past, Anita was also a mermaid at a marine park in Southern California. They have known each other since Anita was 13 years old. Decades later they fell in love. Congratulations to Bruce and Anita!
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