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Boat - Kea Nui

In 2018 Jack’s Diving Locker expanded to the point our technology infrastructure needed an upgrade.  Therefore, we decided to migrate our aging system over to Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 has given Jack’s an upgrade in navigating the “behind the scenes” tasks on a cloud based platform. It keeps us connected to guests and each other from one of the most isolated places on the planet, the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Crew members are able to access information offsite, on tablets, or on their phones which is important because desk jobs aren’t really a thing at Jack’s. We could be diving, teaching, driving a boat, snorkeling with dolphins and mantas, helping guests at our retail shop, working on gear repairs, or even leading dive trips to more exotic locals. It keeps our operations manager, working on the mainland, connected to the business remotely. Teri puts it best when she says, “By using Microsoft 365 Business, we can concentrate on what we do well: education, marine conservation, and taking people diving.”  Checkout Microsoft 365 Customer Stores article and video about Jack’s Diving Locker.  http://customers.microsoft.com/en-us/story/jacks-diving-locker-travel-microsoft-365

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