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According to Sarah, sharks aren’t scary.

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Jack’s Diving Locker is planning a sharky trip this October! Jack’s Instructor, Sarah Matye is leading the trip and if you’ve met Sarah, you know she’s a big fan of sharks! “Of all the sharks on my bucket list, the great white is at the top”, says Sarah. White sharks are seen from July to November in Isla Guadalupe, off Baja California. “Different white sharks arrive to the island waters at different times during the season. October is during ‘BIG MOMMA’ time! Males show up at the beginning of the season in schools, and just like mantas, the males are relatively the smaller of the species. Females show up later in the season and can be big – almost 20ft long! These are the sharks we want to see!”

©Richard SalasIsla Guadalupe is the premier location to see great whites up close. The waters around Isla Guadalupe boast visibility over 100ft during the white shark season and the blue water makes for a photographer’s dream. The only way to get there is via liveaboard diving – an all-inclusive boat charter where you eat, sleep and dive, dive, dive! Enjoy caged hookah diving in surface and deep cages to view the sharks, and while the cages are open, you can dive your heart out, apparently until “you’re sick of seeing great white sharks”. According to the guides from the Nautilus Belle Amie, the bay itself is home to 228 recognized individuals ranging from 12 to 20 feet long! At times as many as nine sharks on one dive! That’s because Guadalupe is the sort of place where magic regularly happens in the water.

The second leg to this trip ventures back to Cabo San Lucas for some reef diving in the famous Cabo Pulmo Marine Reserve. The sea surrounding Cabo San Lucas archBaja California is known for whale migrations, schooling mobula rays, and more sharks – whale sharks! The land based portion of the trip will offer diving in Cabo San Lucas, Cabo Pulmo, Gordo Banks and snorkeling with whale sharks in La Paz. Sarah says, “Quite the opposite side of the ‘shark spectrum’ but a close encounter is still on my bucket list.” Whale sharks are gentle giants and feed on plankton. They visit the La Paz area of Baja California from early winter to late spring.  The resort is situated in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, with easy access to the dive shop and marina.

Sarah is looking forward to sharing her love of sharks on a custom designed dive trip for other shark enthusiasts, “If you are unsure or nervous about diving with sharks, talk to any of Jack’s dive guides. Almost every seasoned diver here in Kona is a shark fan. Kona has some great sharky dive sites with tiger sharks, white tip reef sharks and even the occasional hammerhead shark. But if you want to experience some BIG sharks – this trip will feature sharks you might not get to see in Hawaii.”

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