Training Facilities

The Best Dive Boats, Class and Pool in Hawaii

Hawaii's Premier PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Center

JDL Facilities


Five Boats and Two Locations

Five custom-built dive boats, beautiful retail showrooms, large gear locker, and on-site repair center.  The main Town Shop in Coconut Grove on Alii Drive, has a large retail showroom and multiple air-conditioned classrooms with HD TVs and a scuba training pool with viewing window. The Harbor Shop houses our very own Jack's Diving Locker Deli, another air-conditioned classroom with great ocean view and a smaller retail and covenience store.

JDL Boats

Four Classrooms

Our classrooms are air-conditioned and have comfortable seating. We also have multimedia capabilities and large HD TV screens for easy viewing.

JDL Classroom

12-ft.-Deep Training Pool

Just outside our front door is a custom designed scuba pool. It is a salt-based pool that doesn’t burn your eyes, so its an ideal location for kids, and anyone practicing their mask clearing skills. The solar heating allows students to stay focused on learning without the need for thick wetsuits. A 12′ depth allows students to practice deep water entries and equalization before moving out into the ocean. And at the bottom of the pool, you can even look out at family and friends through the underwater window.

 JDL Pool