Advanced Adventure Dive

A 2-Tank Day Trip for More Experienced Divers

A Thrilling Day of Adventure Exploring our Favorite Sites with an Advanced Twist! Longer, Deeper, Drift -Come Explore More!

Advanced boat trips are for scuba divers with advanced experience and may include deep dives on steep drop-offs, drift dives over unspoiled terrain, and exploring lava tubes or caverns. You may even see some unique and rare creatures such as a Longnose Hawkfish, Tinker’s Butterflyfish or even a Commerson’s Frogfish. With our friendly, professional crew, your day on the boat is fun-filled and enjoyable.

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Advanced Trip Details 

  • Maximum of 6 guests on most trips!
  • Certified Divers:  $269 plus tax  (No hidden booking fees, harbor fees, or fuel charges)

    Mahalo Club Rates:  After completing 2 trips with us, you will be automatically enrolled in our Mahalo Club and receive a 10% discount or rebate on all trips after that!   (See details and restrictions)


Divers should know how to properly weight themselves, be comfortable with diving to 120′, making free descents, ascents, and safety stops without a line, drift diving, cavern diving, be at least 15 years old AND meet one of the following three criteria:

  • Advanced certification and been diving in the last 6 months, OR

  • 50 dives and have been diving in the last 12 months, OR

  • 20 dives and have dived with us recently.

    *Dive computers are highly recommended.


  • Days:  Varies

  • Meeting time:  8:00am (call after 6am on trip date for meeting location)

  • Return time:  3:00-3:30pm

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  • Flying or Driving to Altitude After Diving:  For multiple dives per day or multiple days of diving, a minimum surface interval of 18 hours is suggested before flying or driving to altitude. For a single dive, a minimum of 12 hours is suggested.

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