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PADI Manta Ray Diver

Learn about our famous Kona Manta Rays in the PADI Manta Ray Diver Specialty course at Jack’s Diving Locker.   Based on research conducted by Keller Laros, this specialty course covers information about manta anatomy, feeding, cleaning, and reproduction as well as how to identify individual rays in the local population.  Conservation guidelines and proper diving technique will also be covered. 

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Manta Ray Diver Course Details

  • Cost $280 plus tax

    • Instruction and 2 ocean dives : $280

    • Private options:  Additional $300 per day on request

  • We Provide

    • Instruction and Student Materials, Tanks, Weights, and Boat Dives

  • Student Provides

    • Logbook, All Dive Gear (rentals available-$50/day if full set or as needed)

  • Prerequisites

    • Jr. Open Water Certification.  Minimum age – 12 years old.  

  • Discounts

    • 10% off most regular priced merchandise

Manta Ray Diver Course Schedule:

  • April - September:  2:30 pm - approximately 10 pm

  • October - March:  2:00 pm - approximately 9:30 pm

Things to Know:

  • Flying or Driving to Altitude After Diving:  For multiple dives per day or multiple days of diving, a minimum surface interval of 18 hours is suggested before flying or driving to altitude. For a single dive, a minimum of 12 hours is suggested.

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Keller Laros - PADI Manta Ray Diver Specialty Instructor


Keller Laros – author of PADI Manta Ray Diver Specialty

KELLER LAROS, MANTA MAN: Keller Laros, a.k.a. Manta Man, is the foremost expert on the manta ray population of Kona, Hawaii.  Laros was able to combine his career as a professional scuba instructor and underwater videographer with manta ray research.  Keller is a charismatic individual who is passionate about what he does, and if you’ve ever gone diving with Keller, you know this to be true!  Laros did his first Manta Ray Night Dive with Jack’s Diving Locker in 1985, the same year he became a PADI Scuba Instructor.  In 1991, Keller moved to Kona and went to work at Jack’s Diving Locker guiding divers on the Manta Ray Night Dive.  He immediately noticed the mantas had different spot patterns on their undersides and started cataloging individuals and recording sighting data.  As the years passed, Keller conducted an in-depth study on manta rays and by 1996 authored a PADI Distinctive Specialty – Manta Ray Diver.  This course is one of the most popular certifications issued at Jack’s Diving Locker.  Keller leads a motivated and enthusiastic team of Manta Ray Diver instructors and Manta Ray Naturalist certified staff.

MANTA PACIFIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION: In 2002, Keller and wife, Wendy, co-founded Manta Pacific Research Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to research, education, and conservation concerning manta rays and the marine environment.  In 2009, the conservation efforts of Manta Pacific Research Foundation were realized when Governor Linda Lingle signed a manta protection law for the State of Hawaii.  In 2013, manta rays earned more protection globally at the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES). For more information about manta rays go to

Jack’s Diving Locker donates a portion of all Manta Ray Diver Specialty course fees to Manta Pacific Research Foundation.