Day-Use Moorings

Saving Our Reefs, One Mooring at a Time


Day-Use Mooring System: Saving Our Reefs, One Mooring at a Time.

Coral reefs are living animals that are vital to the well-being of our entire planet. Reefs provide protection to our islands from storms, they're one of the most biodiverse habitats on the Earth and they generate half of the world's oxygen! Coastal reefs also support our thriving ocean recreation industry seeing millions of snorklers and divers a year. 

Coral Reefs are often accessed by boats that use damaging anchors. These anchors smash into the corals and then drag across them until they secure and then must be yanked up to be retrieved. A single anchor can cause an incredible amount of damage in just one use. Owners of Jack's Diving Locker, Jeff and Teri Leicher, saw this and knew there had to be a better way for ocean enthusiasts to enjoy visiting coral reefs without hurting them. Hence, the birth of a unique concept was born; The Day-Use Mooring System - designed by Teri's father, esteemed GS15 Navy Physicist George Wilkins Sr.

Day-use mooring buoys eliminate anchor usage, protecting our nearshore reefs and serve as a symbol of safe ocean recreation practices for Hawaii’s residents and visitors. Learn more about the unique design here.

It took many years of scientific scrutiny, economic impact studies, public forums and legislation to implement the moorings. Since its adoption by the State, nearly all boaters in Hawaii utilize the moorings and have stopped using anchors on our reefs!

Jack's Diving Locker establishes, installs, and maintains all the Day-use moorings on Hawaii island; over 100 moorings! It is tough work, with heavy drills and massive chain to secure the two pins into rock or sand, then attach a floating underwater buoy so that boats can easily tie up to their favorite sites safely. Jack's continues to educate guests and legislators worldwide about the effectiveness of this system in alleviating reef damage while sustaining the booming ocean recreation industry.

Jack's continues to carry out this important work thanks to the generous donations to the Malama Kai Foundation. If you would like to show your support of our reefs, please donate! Members may also make a sizeable donation to dedicate a mooring site to a loved one by having a plaque in their honor embedded on the mooring.