Referral Scuba Dives

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Referral PADI & SSI Open Water Diver Courses

Complete your PADI* open water training dives in Kona, Hawaii where the water is warm, clear, and full of marine life.  Start your PADI scuba course at your local dive center. With documentation from your original instructor, you can join us first for a pool session to refresh/assess your skills and then for two days of diving with a total of four open water dives (at least one day on the boat, typically both).

*As of Dec. 2022, referrals from other training agencies, like SDI, NAUI, and others may require additional time.

Referral Scuba Course Details

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  • Total cost is $626-660

    • pool assessment/review & 4 ocean dives: $599 (plus rental mask/snork/fins if needed and taxes/fees)

    • Private options:  Additional $300 per private day on request or when only one person registers

  • We Provide

    • Instruction, Tanks, Weights, BCD, Regulator, Dive Computer, Wetsuit, Shore and Boat Dives (usually two days on the boat)

  • Student Provides

    • Logbook and appropriate referral paperwork, Mask, snorkel, fins (rentals available-$30 for course)

  • Discounts

    • 10% off most regular priced merchandise

Referral Scuba Course Schedule:

  • 2 full days + pool assessment/review.  Additional day(s) needed to complete course requirments result in additional fees

  • Schedule Classes:  Typically Tuesday-Thusday or Friday-Sunday

    • Day 1: Pool Referral Assessment (usually 10am)

    • Day 2 & 3:  Ocean Dives 1-4 (8:00am-4:00pm)

Things to Know:

  • Review the Medical Statement.  If you have a YES to a medical question, you will need to get a doctor’s approval before starting the course.

  • Ensure the eLearning Online Course  and all pool work are complete if you are taking a PADI course. For any other agencies, you will be required to bring their referral paperwork.   Please call us and you can send this ahead of time so we can review and be sure everything is in order.  (NOTE:  most agencies referral paperwork has a time limit - make sure you have checked that out and are good to go.) If you have any questions, our instructors or your local dive shop can help you find the answers!

  • View our Policies for Children

  • Special Arrangements for Ages 10-11: Parents please speak with us about your child’s readiness for open water training. Ages 10-11 recommended to hire a private guide ($300 per day) for open water training.

  • View Cancellation Policy

    Flying or Driving to Altitude After Diving:  For multiple dives per day or multiple days of diving, a minimum surface interval of 18 hours is suggested before flying or driving to altitude. For a single dive, a minimum of 12 hours is suggested.

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