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Try scuba diving with no prior experience! The Kona Coast of Hawaii is a world-class diving destination with healthy coral reefs, colorful fish, and warm water – the perfect place to try scuba diving and explore this underwater playground!   

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Discover Scuba Diving Details:

  • Cost 

    • Pool Dive ONLY:  $75 

    • Pool and Shore Dive:

      • AGE 15 and older: $325 per person (min and max of 2 per Instructor on the single shore dive)

        AGE 10-14:  Private only at $475 per student

    • Pool and Boat Dives:

      • AGE 15 and older:  $425 per person (min and max of 2 per Instructor on the 2 boat dives)

        AGE 10-14:  Private only at $725 per student

    • (Certified divers may dive together in the same group for the same price, ratios, and depth limit 40 feet.)

  • We Provide

    • Instruction and all equipment

  • Student Provides

    • Bathing suit, towel, sunscreen

  • Prerequisites

  • Pool: Age 10 and up

  • Shore: Age 10 and up

  • Boat:   Age 12 and up*

    *When possible, 10 & 11 year olds should complete a pool & shore DSD/intro prior to participating in boat DSD/intros. This is to ensure the greatest chances of success with young divers


Discover Scuba Diving Schedule:

  • Pool: 10:00am-12:00pm

  • Pool & Shore: 10:00am-3:00pm

  • Boat: 8:30am-2:30pm

Things to Know:

  • If your answers to the question on the Medical Statement require you to obtain a signed doctor's approval, please call for assistance.

  • View our Cancellation Policy

  • View our Policies for Children:  We are a family-friendly dive shop but do have a few rules 

  • Flying or Driving to Altitude After Diving:  After doing one dive, it is recommended you wait at least 12 hours before flying or driving to altitude.  If you do more than one dive on the same day or dive during two or more days, it is recommended to wait at least 18 hours.

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