Pelagic Magic - Illuminating The Mysterious

What would you say if I asked you to go on a night dive, 3 miles out to sea, in water almost a mile deep?

Would you say, “BAD IDEA!” “I would never do that.” “No thank you.”

But wait it gets better.

What if I told you that you’re tethered to the boat and your line only allows you to go to 50 ft, suspended in the blackwater?

To most people - even most divers - the very idea seems insane. “What hanging there like bait? Like a worm on a hook?”

Chances are you’ve heard of this exciting experience. We first started doing the “Pelagic Magic” dive (JDL’s version of the Blackwater Night Dive), about 15 years ago. And yes, it’s safe! We haven’t lost a single diver yet.

What do you see on a Pelagic Magic Dive?

 We have seen the occasional shark, (but more dolphins than sharks).  But usually, just tiny unique and magnificent things:

  • Small, gelatinous, semi-transparent things. Like jellyfish.
  • Larval fish, crustaceans, mollusk.
  • And weird stuff you’ve never seen before.


The Manta Ray Night Dive has gone “mainstream” (and for good reason).

With boatloads of snorkelers and divers checking it off their “bucket list” every night the Manta Ray night dive has everyone from 12year old divers up to our oldest divers in their 70 and 80s in large numbers.

The Pelagic Dive experience is the polar opposite. We only do it a couple times a week, with a maximum of 6 divers per boat, and a wide-open ocean with not another dive boat on site.

While the Manta dive is a great “first night dive”, we suggest doing the Pelagic dive only after you have a Manta night dive under your weight belt.

What to expect on the Pelagic Dive?

Prior to heading out on the boat, Pelagic Magic divers are given a formal, sit- down presentation in the classroom.

  • Preparation for using the tether system
  • Identification of creatures they’re likely to encounter
  • Instructions on how best to enjoy the creatures

Then it’s a 20-minute boat ride, straight out to the drift site, for a one-tank dive. Most divers get 60-80 minutes from their tank, as it’s a very effortless dive.

PADI Distinctive Specialty called “Pelagic Magic Diver”

For those seeking a PADI Specialty Certification, we authored the one and only Pelagic Magic Diver certification. This specialty can count as one of the prerequisites for attaining the coveted “Master Scuba Diver” rating.

Add something new to your bucket list. The ultimate night dive. So, what are you waiting for?  With limited space available, call and reserve your spot today.