Welcome To Grateful Diver November!

- Patti Clay

What are you grateful for as a diver?



Here at Jack’s, we are grateful for our beautiful Ocean and our amazing Hawaiian reefs and ecosystem! Because we value marine stewardship and wish to preserve these amazing reefs for future generations, we want to “Malama Kai” or take care of the ocean!

Jack’s Diving Locker’s managing partners Jeff and Teri Leicher began this mission for ocean conservation by helping create the “Malama Kai Foundation” many years ago with a group of ocean-minded individuals. 

Malama Kai Foundation installs and maintains permanent day-use moorings all-across West Hawaii dive sites and around the state, so boats no longer need to drop anchor and potentially damage fragile coral and marine habitats. 

When Jack’s Diving Locker first got started over 40 years ago in the diving industry here in Kona, there was no such system in place. With public support and private donations from ocean lovers and diver friends such as Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann, members of the Grateful Dead, Jack’s Diving Locker successfully lobbied the state of Hawaii to create the public day-use mooring system for all boaters and divers to share!

A whole community came together to lobby local lawmakers to make the mooring system a reality.

Grateful Diver Established

Grateful Diver got its start in the late 1990’s by avid diver, Grateful Dead drummer, Bill Kreutzmann, he created the Grateful Diver logo by placing the iconic Grateful Dead lightning bolt on a red dive flag. 


He then granted permission for Coral Forest, now known as Reef Relief, a non-profit coral reef conservation organization, the right to use it for Marine Conservation fundraising initiatives.

In 2020, Coley Faircloth, began expanding the Grateful Diver apparel and gear selection to generate more revenue for Reef Relief.

Be a Grateful Diver with Jack’s Diving Locker in November!

In honor of our friends Jerry, Bob, Bill and the Grateful Dead and their spirit of ocean conservation and profound love of diving, we are starting another Grateful partnership with Coley Faircloth, and Grateful Diver.

Now you can find a fun line of colorful shirts and rash guards specifically for divers based on this Grateful Diver logo, as well as organic Sun Shield and Lip Relief products created by Wendy Weir, sister of Bob Weir and owner of Heritage Farmedand a portion of the proceeds go to Reef Relief.


We’re very excited to announce that Coley is creating a Hawaii special edition Grateful Diver design coming soon to Jack’s Diving Locker. 

The best part about this is Grateful Diver will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the purchase of this special edition rash guard to go directly to Malama Kai Foundation to help in preserving our local Hawaiian reefs now and in the future!  Stay tuned... Stay connected...

Other ways to get involved for Grateful Diver November

  •  Volunteer at our next Honokohau Harbor reef Clean-up for divers, snorkelers and shore support happening Sunday, November 13th from 9am to Noon. Jack’s is teaming up with Ocean Defender’s Alliance for this important event. We are donating a free tank and grateful for your participation and support!

  • Enjoy 50% off a PADI Naturalist course manual, when you sign up and take the PADI Naturalist diver specialty with us in November!  Learn more about our beautiful Hawaiian reefs and endemic species and how to protect the reef as both a Grateful Diver and PADI Naturalist!

  • Jack's continues to carry out this important work thanks to the generous donations to the Malama Kai Foundation. If you would like to show your support of our reefs, please donate! Members may also make a sizeable donation to dedicate a mooring site to a loved one by having a plaque in their honor embedded on the mooring. 






  • Check out our other sustainable products that promote ocean conservation and avoid single use plastics either online or in our shops. 


Stay Connected…

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We look forward to seeing and hearing from all of you this Grateful Diver November. Let us know what are you Grateful for as a Diver?