Scuba Certified In Paradise 2022


It's that time of year again—time for us to celebrate the divers who've enriched our lives with their love of the ocean. We are excited to have certified over 400 new Open water divers, and 350 kids joining us in Keiki Sea Camps.


We had a camper, Llio Sauer, joining the prestigious group of Marine life ambassadors. Only a select few of our campers have had the joy of completing all 6 of the Keiki Sea Camp sessions over the years. When this accomplishment is met, they join the elite ranks of becoming a Jack’s Diving Locker Hawaii Marine Life Ambassador! 

Jack's introduced over 250 ocean lovers to diving in 2022 through our Discover SCUBA program, and on the other side of the cert spectrum, over a dozen new professional divers were certified.


Our dive instructors were hard at work this year!

Obviously we had our hands full with Open water certifications and Discover Scuba courses, but our instructors were siked they were able to certify a variety of continued education and specialty certifications too. 

One of our most popular specialty courses was the Manta Ray Diver, and along with Pelagic Magic Diver— are unique only to Jack's Diving Locker!


Many divers are starting to realize how pleasant diving can be when you are enriched air (NITROX) certified! In fact, over 50 divers got NITROX Diver certifications this year.

We are so blessed to bring all these divers to the ocean in 2022 and to continue to share our love for the ocean with you. What PADI certification will you get in 2023?