Top 8 Reasons To Take Padi Advanced Open Water

You have your Open Water scuba certification.  Now what?  Time to go diving!  And think about taking the PADI Advanced Open Water course.  Here are our top 8 reasons AOW should be your next adventure:

  1. Get a taste of different PADI Specialties: During your AOW course, you will participate in 5 different PADI Adventure Dives.  These will give you a taste of the full PADI specialty course you can later take to become a PADI specialty diver and really hone your skills.
  2. Improve your buoyancy: During your AOW training, you will participate in the Peak Performance Buoyancy Adventure Dive.  This dive will introduce you to what it takes to be properly weighted, have great trim, and be a streamlined diver.  This will help keep you off the fragile reef and improve your air consumption.  
  3. Challenge yourself as a diver: During your AOW course you will learn to think like diver.  Diving is much more than just breathing underwater.  Become aware of other factors as you further your dive career.
  4. Gain Confidence: The more you dive, and the more skills you successfully attain, the more confident you become underwater.  This allows you to relax and enjoy your dive!
  5. Hone your navigation skills: No one likes the feeling of being lost, especially underwater.  Gain confidence in your navigation skills so you don’t have to always rely on a dive guide.
  6. Meet new people: whether you're new to town or new to scuba diving, taking a PADI course is a great way to meet fellow divers.  Since we need a buddy to go diving, this a great way to lengthen your list of dive buddies!
  7. Explore new horizons: Taking the Advanced Open Water course allows you to explore new places.  Many locations around the world require divers to have their Advanced certification to go on some of their dives. 
  8. Expand your knowledge: Your Open Water certification is your ticket to learn how to dive. Taking the AOW class gives you new techniques and information to become a diver everyone wants to buddy up with!


Of course, we think the best reason to take PADI Advanced Open Water is to get to dive with our amazing instructors!  And the MANTAS! When you take your Advanced Open Water class with Jack’s Diving Locker the world-famous Manta Ray night dive is INCLUDED with your course.  You can’t beat that!

If you're inteested in taking the PADI Advanced Open Water course with Jack's Diving Locker, give us a call (808-329-7585) or email us at  We'd love to answer your questions and get you singed up for your next dive adventure!