Crew News: Wild For Chickens!

With the islands being shut down for tourists, our boats aren’t running at the frequency they normally do.  This means our crew has some extra time on their hands.  We wanted to give you a glimpse into what they’ve been doing to fill their time!  This month is Captain Matt and his family’s new adventures into raising chickens!

inside the coop

Matt and his wife Chrissy (former JDL crew member!) were looking for an activity their 4-year-old daughter, Molly, could participate in that would teach her sustainability, responsibility, and animal care. After doing research Matt and Chrissy decided on chickens!  They currently have around 20 birds, with about 16 different varieties of hens.

Bog’s Big Island Birds eggs will be available for sale around the holidays. A unique feature will be the color of the eggs!  They will have white, brown, blue and green eggs!  Matt has spent hours building their hens a large coop with an indoor living space and an outside run that will protect them from the pesky mongoose!  

matt and the hen









The chickens are all named after famous singers and have names such as “Etta” and “Cardi Beak”. Molly’s favorite hen is “Ginger”!  “Foxy Brown” is a speckled Sussex and loves sitting on Captain Matt’s shoulder when he goes inside the run. 

Molly and her hen

Molly takes great care of her chickens who love to eat watermelon, carrot tops and worms.  She has already learned a lot and they can’t wait to start getting eggs!