New Boat Regulations

To abide by State regulations and to uphold the highest level of safety, we have a few changes you can expect on our boats. 

You will notice that our boats are now even more spacious, and no, they did not get bigger. We are now operating at 50% of our previous capacity on all vessels! This allows more social distancing,  added efficiency and more comfort on our boats. While the extra space is great, it also means our boats fill up super fast now! With this in mind, make sure if you're coming to Hawaii you book your reservations well in advance to ensure your spots. 

Secondly, you will notice  we are now extensively cleaning equipment using an N-list CDC approved cleaner that is safe for you and the gear in addition to our previous sterilization methods. To further ensure safety, we are then setting rental equipment aside for 24 hours -even after thorough disinfecting- to ensure the highest level of cleanlieness when using our rental equipment. Rest assured and breathe easy with JDL rentals.

Lastly, yes, we do have to wear masks on the dock and onboard the boats when not gearing up and not eating; this is the only change most people aren't stoked about but as long as we all get to enjoy the ocean breeze and get underwater to blow some bubbles, it's all gravy baby. We're also still serving up food and drink on our dolphin and two tank trips, so rest assured your belly will still be full from our Tiger Shark Deli selections and you'll be able to enjoy your surface interval all the same.

We truly hope to see you soon!