Manta Night Dive

Afternoon and Night 2-Tank Trip

Experience our famous Manta Night Dive in Kona, Hawaii for an unforgettable encounter during two dives!

First, explore the reef and visit the colossal colony of swaying Garden Eels as the sun begins to fade. Come up from your dive to enjoy a beautiful Hawaiian sunset, relax, and have a bite to eat. On the second dive, you descend into darkness and in the beam of your light watch the nightlife come alive. Observe in awe as Kona's famous Manta Rays glide in from the darkness to feed on the microscopic plankton attracted to your light. 

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Manta Dive Trip Details

  • Certified Divers:  $175

  • Snorkelers:  $150

    • Includes 2 guided snorkels, mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, sandwich/juice/water


  • Days:  Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday (on request as available)

  • Meeting Times:  

    • Apr 1-Sep 30:  3:30 pm (call after 6am on trip date for meeting location)

    • Oct 1-Mar 31:  3:00 pm (call after 6am on trip date for meeting location)

    • Return Times:  9:00-9:30pm

Add more to your manta experience by upgrading to the PADI Manta Ray Diver Specialty Course This exclusive PADI Specialty Course authored by Keller Laros is only taught at Jack's Diving Locker! 

Manta Dive Experts:  Many of our staff at Jack's Diving Locker are PADI Manta Ray Diver Specialty Instructors or certified Manta Naturalists through Hawaii Community College in collaboration with Manta Pacific Research Foundation.

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