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Jack’s Diving Locker’s Summer Camp 2020

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We are very excited to announce our Summer 2020 schedule! This summer will be the best summer yet as we have more camps offered than ever before! Last summer we had a record number of campers and we are dedicated to serving our community and keiki from all over the world in learning about our oceans and protecting them. Jack’s has offered kids camps since the 1980’s and we are only getting better!  Jack’s Diving Locker has even been voted one of the top Family Friendly Dive Shops according to SCUBA Diver Magazine.

Our Camps

Jack’s has a wide range of programs that we teach, but they all focus on learning about the underwater world and how to help save ocean creatures.  We offer camps starting at age 6 all the way up to 12 years old with all of them including diving.

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Keiki Camp

For the youngest kids, we offer Keiki Camp. The 6-7-year-old’s in this camp learn about a range of sea life friends, from plankton to pilot whales, through games, crafts, snorkeling, and a surface SCUBA unit called SASY!

PADI Seal Team & Master Seal Team

We have 2 camps for kids 8-12-year-old.  The first is PADI Seal Team, a SCUBA based camp that teaches kids in detail about SCUBA diving by going on a new ‘AquaMission’ every day in our pool.  Upon successful completion of the Seal Team camp, aquanauts can sign-up for the Master Seal Team camp where they dive in the ocean, build a shipwreck in the pool, and dive the pool at night!

JDL Sea Camp Series

The second camp offered for 8-12-year-old kids is the JDL Sea Camp series.  Each summer 4 Sea Camps are offered, each on a different topic.  Every summer we offer the popular Dolphins & Whales camp and the Sharks & Rays camp.  Then, every other summer we rotate the other two camps between Islands & Coral Reefs camp and Sea Turtles camp OR Eels & Reef Fish camp and Octopus & Invertebrates camp. This summer we are offering Islands & Coral Reefs camp as well as Sea Turtles camp! Jack’s Diving Locker has a Marine Life Ambassador award where, with successful completion of all 6 Sea Camps, your name is placed on our plaque displayed in our showroom.

These camps are a great segway to our Open Water Camp for kids 10 years old and up!

Bonus Activities

One of our favorite activities we do every camp is our beach clean-up.  It’s a special time for our counselors and our campers to give back to our community, help our oceans, and learn about our plastic and trash problem.  The kids are great at finding what are called microplastics, tiny pieces of plastic that can blend in with the sand.  We find thousands of tiny pieces every week!  This summer we are planning a microplastic art project from the pieces collected throughout the summer to teach others about the microplastic problem. For those of you familiar with Jack’s Diving Locker kids camps, we have new activities and programs to share with you!

At the end of each camp, we ask campers what their favorite camp activity was and the primary answer we get is “the SCUBA diving!” That was a big motivation for us to make all our summer camps PADI Distinctive Specialties.  All our campers that complete a Sea Camp will be receiving a PADI specialty certification card in the mail, exclusive to Jack’s!  It is a rewarding experience for the kids to be recognized by PADI for all that they learned in camp.  On top of that, they also get the opportunity to earn PADI Skin Diver certifications after completing a rigorous snorkel lesson in the pool.

New Partnerships for Sea Camps

We are also excited to announce a few new partnerships for next summer- The Glassbottom Boat and Atlantis Submarines! Our fall break campers had a blast going on these trips and we look forward to incorporating them into our Sea Camp summer schedule 2020! Other field trip partners include Kanaloa Octopus Farm, Legacy Reef, WHEA, Ke Kai Ola, Malama Kai, Kohanaiki, and Manta Pacific Research Foundation. We pick field trips fit best with each camp topic and try to keep them within the scope of the lesson plans.

Conservation For The Next Generation

Teaching Keiki about the ocean and how to make a positive impact on our planet is a top priority for Jack’s Diving Locker.  We believe people protect what they know, and we have made it part of our mission statement to share what we know about our local environment in a spirit of fun and adventure.  The camp is the perfect amount of challenge and encouragement for kids to put on their mask, snorkel, and fins and explore the underwater world when they are with their friends and counselors in camp.  Our counselors are highly qualified Emergency First Responders and CPR trained with a background in working with children.  They have years of experience and thorough training to provide a semi-private camp experience with a low camper to counselor ratio.  We pride ourselves in offering one of a kind first experience with SCUBA in our private on-site pool with top of the line equipment.  Jack’s Diving Locker is able to provide a safe and fun environment for the kids to grow!

Our Keiki Camp Leaders

GEMS alliAlli Craig is our Junior Program’s Coordinator. She studied Marine Biology and got her BS in Aquatic Biology from the University of California Santa Barbara where she worked as a scientific diver.  After starting a family, she became a SCUBA instructor in Monterey, CA where she enjoyed teaching SCUBA and diving in the kelp forest.  She is very excited to be working as a camp counselor and continually learning about the coral reef.  She loves learning and sharing her passion with others.  It was her experience working for Jean Michel Cousteau in Santa Barbara with their kid’s program called ‘Ambassadors of the Environment’ that inspired Alli into pursuing her love of marine education in Hawaii.


GEMS elleElle Brown is our Junior Program’s Assistant Coordinator – she’s been a full-time dive instructor for 2 years as well as a pre-school Montessori assistant for the 7 years before that! She holds a master’s degree in Communication Psychology and loves to help people (especially kids) discover their passions. She’s been teaching in Hawaii for the past year and is happy to call it home. Her favorite moment is seeing people’s eyes light up when they take their first breaths underwater, or when a new fact about the ocean changes the way people look at the world around them. She’s excited to see you summer 2020!

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