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Kona’s sharky dives!

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Jack’s Instructor, Sarah took four experienced divers out on an Advanced Local Two Tank and were fortunate enough to head north and dive a site called, Touch of Grey. Touch of Grey is known to be a Grey Reef Shark nursery – and some of these little babies are only 2 feet long! Sarah and her divers saw, “Adorable little Grey Reef sharks circling underneath a protective arch, and a larger White Tip Reef shark hiding around the corner. The ravine, entering the archway, was blanketed in blue line snapper, known in Hawai’ian as Ta’ape, also circling underneath us as we dropped down.” Current was strong, and they drifted past a Giant Trevally (Ulua), a beautiful and not shy Bandit Angelfish, and then icing on the cake – a male Whitley’s Boxfish! The safety stop continued in the blue, over a big sand channel, and then the group surfaced to find they drifted about a half mile!

Grey reef shark“It was going to be hard to beat the first dive today, but we had requests for Tiger sharks, and divers have been seeing them lately. Let’s push our luck! We were fortunate enough to see a Tiger off in the distance, but she was just a shadow. We did, however, see a TON of HUGE eels! Eels were all out for their fish washes today and almost every Yellow Margin Moray or Undulated Moray had a cleaner shrimp (or two!) and let us enjoy the show. A Spotted Eagle Ray joined us briefly to top off our fantastic day.”

3 species of sharks in one day was a treat. The divers (and crew!) were stoked to spend some time underwater. Join us for some diving – summer is almost over but the water is still warm!

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